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Don’t count your chickens before they hatch … but at least get paid for them: Getting cast on Veep,


The last part of this three part epic is sad, short and explains the title. Six months had passed and my episode of Veep was released. I put the episode on and did a slow fast forward through it looking for myself … I was going to watch the whole episode but the suspense was killing me and I had to know what line they used and how it looked. My slow fast forward was about three minutes from the end of the episode and I still hadn’t seen myself. In my script my part was more toward the beginning, that’s weird? I figured I must have missed myself so I decided I’d just watch the whole thing. About 10 minutes in I recognized the location as the room I filmed in, and there were the other characters that were in my scene and there’s the line before mine and…where am I? Here comes Anna Chlumsky, wait she just delivered the same information my character delivers, but where is the funny line? Where am I? I was cut. My heart sank into my stomach and then broke into little pieces. My part was cut out of the show. I thought I was “genuinely funny” and now I was genuinely on the cutting room floor. What about all those lines they had to chose from, all those takes, I guess none of them were ever quite right. So again, if you pray for a lot of lines, make sure you are very specific.  You’ll A. want to say all of the lines on camera and B. want them to be in the actual show. On the bright side I got paid for my three days on set, had a wonderful time and am eligible to audition again next season.

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