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What Have I Gotten Myself Into? Part 2: I Can See You

I have employed a system called Mail Chimp to help me send out email notifications when there are new posts on this blog.  A fun but detrimental little tool that Mail Chimp has is the ability to keep me updated on how many people are reading my emails. Actually it’s a very detailed system that not only tells me how many people are reading the email but specifically how many are opening it and how many are clicking the links inside it and not only how many but who exactly is doing each of these things. Of course if it can tell me how many people are reading the email it can also tell me how many people are not and again not only how many but exactly who is not and what’s more it can tell me exactly who has unsubscribed. This has sadly become a bit of a gross obsession for me to monitor the statistics of my email blasts. It’s unhealthy and not at all good for self-esteem. Where normally I audition for something and rejection means never having to hear about it again so you can almost forget the opportunity ever existed, I now have found a way to mull over and stare at the actual rejection and analyze it. Now I am sharing this with you, now you know what is going on.  So what’s going to happen? Will you now be too afraid and concerned with my mental health to unsubscribe so with pity you allow me to keep sending you weekly updates? If that’s the position I have put you in I guess I apologize and thank you for your pity and concern. The real kicker will be the people that now know I can see them reject me and yet still do. I have to say that I envy those people. I envy the balls you have to stand your ground and say “NO”, “No lady, I am not interested and nothing you can say or do will guilt me into receiving your weekly email annoyances! I see what you are trying to do with your sneaky tactics, playing your little at home version of the NSA game and openly threatening me and I still stand up and say NO THANK YOU!”

So in conclusion thank you to those who are truly interested in reading what I have to say and thank you to those who don’t care what I have to say but care too much about my feelings to let me see you reject me and finally while a little bit of me hates you I still say hats off to the ballsy people who don’t care about what I write and don’t give a crap if I know it.

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